Monday, March 19, 2012

Poor Man's Clarins 230

Well, I was organizing my stash, and found my bottle of OPI Diva of Geneva. This color is the most beautiful red-tinged purple with a little bit of a gold shift. So so pretty. I used it as a base for Clarins 230 a year or so ago, and liked it, but didn't love it. Today I threw DoG on again, and as per usual, I wanted to layer on top of it.

I haven't given my CND effects polishes enough love lately, so I added a layer of  CND Crimson Sparkle over my two coats of Diva of Geneva. Now, this obviously isn't a dupe for 230, or Max Factor Fantasy Fire, but it DOES give you a little bit of that reddish/pink to gold shift, and has a lovely sparkle that reminds me a little of 230 or even OPI's La Boheme. You could get a closer version of 230 by layering the color morphing pigment topcoat in red to green on top, but for people who a) don't franken, and b) don't want to invest in Indie polish, and c) happen to have Crimson Sparkle, it makes a pretty mani!


And here's a belated St Patrick's Day mani, a greenish franken and Milani HiTech alternating:

 And from pinkie to thumb, A-England Dragon, Nubar Reclaim, Catherie Arley 803, Milani Hitech and Nfu Oh 66.

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