Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Orange Spectraflair Franken

This is one of the easier frankens I've made. I used an empty Wet n Wild Fastdry bottle, filled it up about 1/3 full of Love My Nails Hot Tamale, an orange frost. Then I added about a 1/3 of TKB's Glamour Base, Wet N Wild Clear, and two-three little scoops of coarse Spectraflair. Unfortunately, my dumb butt didn't take into account the frost covering up some of the holo, so it's not as crazy holo as I would like, but it's alright.

AHHH! Brush-strokey! It's a very coral leaning holo, and since I have two OPI Coral Reef nail polishes, I'm wondering what would happen if I added black or a dark color to this holo. Hmm...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Color Club Jingle Jangle

Mmmmm. Sparkles! Color Club Jingle Jangle reminds me of The Last Unicorn, one of my favorite 80's movies. It contains light blue, aqua, and lavender glitter, and just a hiiiint of holographic glitter. Magical! I did two coats of this polish over my previous Chanel Paradoxal mani. Loved the formula of this glitter polish, not too thick, easy to spread, not clumpy. Two thumbs up!

And speaking of holiday magic, my buddy Rach is having a giveaway at her blog! A bunch of fabulous nail polishes, an awesome handmade scarf and some other holiday goodness. Stop by her blog and check it out! Her posts are interesting to read and the pictures are lovely :).

Stuff I (S)watched
Rach's ROYGBIV Holiday Giveaway

And here is another blog giveaway from Fashion Polish, another awesome blog I follow!:
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chanel Paradoxal with China Glaze LOL Konad

So.... it's been forever since I konaded. Because it's a pain in the a$$. Just spent the last hour and half painting, scraping, effing up, acetone-ing, re-konading. Rawr. But this is my favorite Konad print, the on the m63 plate. This is two coats of Chanel Paradoxal, a lovely deep greige with a purple flash. Being me, I'm not satisfied with a subtle purple flash, so I added the houndstooth pattern in China Glaze LOL. LOL is the least favorite of my OMG polishes. It doesn't seem nearly as holographic as the others.

Now I feel like it needs glitter...

Lynnderella Bride of Franken, Love Potion no. 99 and Rimmel Night Before

So after a failed attempt at a mani with Orly Stonecold (thick, gluey mess), I decided to try my new bottle of Rimmel 60 Seconds Night Before. This is three coats. I was surprised when I pulled out the brush and found a big wide paddle brush, but I actually liked the application of this polish.

Then  I added a coat of Lynnderella's Love Potion no. 99 and Bride of Franken. Mmmmm. Sparkles.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Friday!

... and belated Happy Thanksgiving. Here are my Turkey Day and Black Friday Manis.

I MUST introduce you to my new favorite nail polish. This color just... wow. It is an instant mood lifter. It is Christmas on my nails. It is a beautiful emerald green jelly. So translucent and magical. Filled with so much holographic glitter that it is opaque in two coats. The only down side to this beauty is that it dries lumpy, so I used about 3 or four coats of Seche Vite.

Here is Color Club Holiday Splendor in all its glory:

This one is intentionally blurry to show the magic sparkle:

And here was my Turkey's Day Eve mani, China Glaze Foxy with a sponged gradient of OPI Take the Stage and Orly's Glitz and Glamor. This was another mani that made me happy. It felt like a combination of Harry Potter and mythical Pheonix bird. Love.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

China Glaze Snowglobe (old version)

Well, I bought a bottle from the newest release at Ulta, and it had the crappiest dud glitter in it EVER. So it got promptly returned. Then a lovely NailBoarder sent me a tip on an Amazon.com seller with the non dud version. So here it is in all its iridescent glory, one coat of ChG Snowglobe over 3 coats NYS Hot Purple.

Monday, November 21, 2011

China Glaze Stroll

Got this in my Imagebeauty.com deal. This is 3 coats of Stroll over Orly Ridgefiller with a coat of Seche Vite. I really liked the application of this polish, nice and smooth. Cleanup wasn't too bad for a reddish polish. The red you see on my fingers is from some Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light. Mehhh. That stuff stains like a beast.

Anyways, Stroll is a gorgeous berry red/burgundy jelly with goldish shimmer/glass flecks. Enjoy!

This polish reminds me of OPI's Smitten With Mittens, however, my bottle is still untried, so when I do a full mani, I'll post comps.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Some gradient manis for fall

First up with have Kleancolor Golden Nightmare. I originally bought this polish because I am a fan of the anime Slayers, and on that show, one of the characters is called the Lord of Nightmares, and is also referred to as being golden.
The formula is a little bit thick, but it's pretty opaque so you only need two coats at the most. What bugged me were the larger specks of glitter that made the polish super bumpy and lumpy even after FOUR coats of Seche Vite. So to assuage my need to cover the bumps, I added a gradient of the golden Sally brand golden hex glitter and a no name Love & Beauty gold glitter.

Four coats of topcoat and YOU CAN STILL SEE THE BUMPS. AHHHH!

Next up we have today's mani SpaRitual Howl with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Hidden Treasure. Howl was a pleasure to work with, even though my bottle is a mini. Used two coats with no bubbles and no problems.  Then I painted the tips with HT, trying to do a hint of gradient, but focusing on the tips.

I love Howl's subtle shimmer. This is the perfect fall mani. Love love love.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Just a couple more holos...

8Ladies! Go run to your nearest Ross store if you've been looking for the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, because they have 5-packs for 5.99. So here was my first mani with them, Blush Diamond, a gorgeous linear holographic nail polish. Two coats with one coat of Seche Vite on top. Excuse the lack of cleanup, the was a "I'm bored at work so I'm gonna paint my nails mani".

And today's mani is a Sally Hansen Magical nail polish in Mystical Mandarin, which is more of a peachy pink crazy linear holo. This type of holo is more in the style of the Nfu Oh holos or Gosh holo, so I did one coat of Nfu Oh's Aquabase and then two coats of polish. No topcoat.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A franken called Zombie-corn.

So we all know how awesome Clarins 230 is, right? RIGHT?  Ahem. Also known as the magical Unicorn Pee, or The Pee, because it is so rare and beautemous. So I bought a bunch of that color shifty pigment, and today's franken features the Red to Green shifting pigment. This gorgeous sparkly goodness is similar to the color shift in Clarins 230, except 230 goes all the way from red to yellow to green to blue. I also love the pics I've seen of an old Versace nail polish, which is like a blacker version of 230. So this is my homage to those lovely lovelies, Zombie-corn. (Zombie cause it's dark and -corn b/c of the unicorn reference and... oh shut up).

The base polishes I used are Wet n Wild Nocturnal, Wet n Wild black creme, red-green pigment and TKB suspension base. Should have used a different black, this chipped like a bish.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Favorite Martian Franken

Today I bring to you a franken. Now somehow down the line I ended up with two of Confetti's My Favorite Martian nail polishes. The problem being, I hate most green nail polishes. I don't know why, it's a combination of lobster hands and just green yuckiness. So I took one of my forlorn, lonely MFM polishes and decided to franken with it.

I started by adding a bunch of Revlon Royal and Ulta's Dance Teal Dawn, I also put in a scoop of  Green to Violet color morphing powder from http://morenailpolish.blogspot.com/. Now, I ended up overflowing this franken so I poured the overflow into a used up Seche Vite bottle. To this I added a bunch of white, clear, and more color morphing powder. The original franken is still too green, but this diluted MFM franken has a little bit more of a hunter green tint to it. Not nearly as mucus-y as the original. So here is a quick swatch I did, no top coat. This is three coats. It dried insanely fast! Must be the dregs of Seche Vite in it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

SpaRitual Health, Wealth, and Happiness

This is the first SR I've tried, and I must say, it's a lovely color. Not as duochromey as I would have liked, but still very pretty. Very streaky on the first couple coats, but the third made it nice and even. I also found that this formula does very well on me, I wore it to work and had no chips or tipwear after a long crazy day. I was impressed!

And here I added an accent nail of OPI DS Temptation. A pretty color, but didn't really work for me. It seems to have these little dud/semi-holo glitters, which I will call pebbles, because they don't add anything good to the color, just unharmoniousness. Heh.

You can buy SpaRituals at http://www.aveyou.com/ And they sell for $10 each.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Megan Miller Collection "Foxy"

I love Plum District! A bunch of us on Makeup Alley did this deal on Plum District where we got $40 worth of nail polish on ImageBeauty.com for $8. And since it's a referral thing, somehow I referred enough people to that deal, that not only did I get my ImageBeauty polishes for free, but I ended up with over $100 in their Plum District dollars! So I used my sweet free moneys to try a brand I'd never heard of before, Megan Miller Collection nail polish. I got three nail polishes for free, and only had to pay shipping. This is the first that I'll be reviewing, Foxy. Beautiful medium tone warm grey. Reminds me of chinchilla fur. I did three coats and a coat of Seche Vite. This I found had an awesome formula, not runny, not thick, juuuust right.

And look how cute the bottle is!!! I love the cork top, it's not as awkward to use as I was afraid it would be. Big thumbs up!
Megan Miller nail polish is available at :
http://meganmillercollection.com/  And sell for $12 each.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some spammy goodness!

Here are my nails of the last few days! First up is Sugar Plum Fairy from the recent Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe holiday 2011 collection. It's so SPARKLY. SO SPARKLY. Wore it on my off day, then had to spice it up for work.

And here is how I wore it to work, disco nails! With New York Summer Hot Purple french tips.

And Orly Fowl Play. Wore it for less than 12 hours. Pretty, but not pretty enough. Three coats plus some Seche Vite. Would have kept it on longer, but got my packages from the Aveyou.com deal and the Zoya 2fer sale.

And here is what I have on today, OPI Warm and Fozzy. Three coats + Seche Vite. Pretty, sparkly... still just kinda bronzey looking, but I'm hoping it'll grow on me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

An ETF and Nfu-oh 51, and some Chanel Top Coat Velvet (Matte top coat)

So sometimes I feel bad that I post a lot of hard to finds and holos. So here is a swatch for an easy to find drugstore nail polish, Sinful Daddy's Girl! A beautiful purple jelly with pinkish purple glass flecks. This is four coats in this swatch with one coat of Seche Vite.

And of course, I had to layer, so I added one coat of the beauuutiful Nfu-oh 51, a purple jelly with magic color shifting flakes and pigment. Has a similar to Clarins 230 but extra goodness.
 Then matte-ified with the China Glaze matte-iffying topcoat.

Ahhhhh! I love how duochromey and dreamy it looks! Love so much!

And the next day I put on 3 coats of a Forever 21 polish I've nicknamed Ned, 2 coats of Seche Vite:

Aaaand, here it is with the Chanel Top Coat Velvet Matte topcoat:

This mani just made my day. It was so girly and so happy. Looked like candy after I mattified it. Also kinda reminds me of Icing Tiger's Blood. Mmmm. Love the iridescent glitter. Only thing I didn't like was the consistency. It was pretty thick so I needed to thin it.