Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Layla Hologram effects - Holoooooo!

This. may. be. the. HOLOIEST. HOLO. EVERRRRR!!!! I've seen a lot of holographic polishes in my day, but these Laylas are INSANE. More holo than my Nfu Ohs, my OPIs, my China Glazes... it's like they bottled rainbows, added some awesomeness, and BAM.

Yes, the formulas are kind of a pain in the butt. The polish is a little thick, a little clumpy, definitely needs a lot of shaking. I recommend using a basecoat specifically for holos, also known as Aquabase. Nfu-oh makes a great Aquabase, Makeup Store sells one as well. The base really does help with application. Before I had my Nfu-oh Aquabase, I tried to apply my China Glaze holos and I'd get patchiness, baldspots, and allover ridiculousness. Using the base helps adhere the polish better so you only need one or two coats instead of two to three. Which means you'll keep more of your holo goodness over time! Less baldspots and less chipping.

Speaking of chipping, these types of holos are gonna chip pretty much no matter what you do. Since topcoats will dull the amazing rainbow goodness, it's very hard to extend the wear of your pretty holo. One thing to do is to do your aquabase, then holo, then topcoat, then another layer of holo. This helps extend the wear a bit, but since I only wear my polishes a day or so, I can't testify to how long. Without topcoat, the layers of holo tend to rub off, and your polish will dull over the course of a day. I still don't care! Totally worth it!

Anyways, enough chatter, here are the two Layla Hologram Effects that I've tried so far!

Flash Black, two coats over one coat of Aquabase.

 Retro Pink, sorry about the lack of cleanup... was supposed to be a base for nail art but it didn't work out. Loved the color though! It's like springtime and Easter and fairies all put together!

And a few more Flash Black! Muauahahahahahah!

Yum yum yum!

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