Wednesday, March 7, 2012

China Glaze Refresh-mint with Fireside Glow

I've been wanting a mint creme lately that I can layer with some of my glitters and holo topcoats, so when I went hunting, I decided to pick up a bottle of China Glaze Refresh-mint, under the encouragement of Rach from Stuff (I) Swatched. The formula was super thick. It definitely needed to be thinned because it was almost a one coater. This swatch is with two coats of Refresh-mint. And of course I had to jazz it up, so I added an Ulta holiday exclusive, China Glaze Fireside Glow, a super sparkly rosy/gold/orange glitter with holo bits in it. It kind of reminds me of springtime and turquoise rocks and good times. I had to mess with the color setting a bit because it photographed more blue, so these pics have been tweaked a little.


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