Monday, May 28, 2012

Essence Colour & Go - Break Through

I've got a quick post for you all today! Picked this baby up at Ulta recently for $0.99! Break Through is part of Essence's Colour and Go line which has an awesome selection of bright, fun, CHEAP colors! This polish has a suuuuper subtle shimmer to it... and as you know I don't believe in subtle! I like the warmth this polish has but the formula was kind of a butt. Really thick and prone to bubbling. I stopped at two coats and instead of adding a third I layered a coat of Pure Ice Oh Baby! on top. Oh Baby is a super sheer duochrome glass fleck polish that goes from light blue to purple. I consider this combination to be the poor man's RBL Scrangie. I used the Out the Door top coat with this mani, and I have to say, I am not a fan. Seche Vite forever!

Lol. About to post, and all the sudden my nails remind me of Barney the Dinosaur. I wonder what tomorrow's mani will be?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream + glitter!

AHHHH! This is one of my new favorite polishes! The base of Mermaid's Dream is a duochromey minty metallic/chrome shade that shifts a little bit blue or gold depending on the lighting. There are also tons of medium blue glitters that give the polish extra depth and sparkle. As if that wasn't enough gorgeousness, hiding are these gorgeous twinkly gold specks of glitter throughout the polish that  just give it a glowy magical quality that I love. LOVE!

And to play up the blue I added a coat of Icing's Disco Ball, which is blue glitter in a clear base. I think I'll wear this combo for twooo days because I like it so much! Although I might add a bit of holo topcoat :).


Monday, May 21, 2012

New Franken - Making Mischief

Helloooo. Got a fresh burst of frankening energy last night, to the dismay of my tanktop, pants, and surrounding area. Eeeeverything is covered in glitter polish. But I'm really happy with the finished product!

What I used: 1/3 Sinful Hottie (or similar dupe), a few drops of Kleancolor Metallic Sapphire and Orly Royal Navy for color, maybe 1/8 Kleancolor Gold Caviar for yellow tinge and gold glitter, a half bottle of Stripe Rite orange striper glitter, 1/6 of a bottle of Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic, some clear and thinner to jellify and improve consistency. Loooove it!

For the name, I've been watching a bunch of Jem episodes. Somehow I never saw this show when I was younger, but I am entranced and in love! It's so ridiculously great and girly and weird and fun. So here is Making Mischief, named after The Misfits!

And this is my fabled right hand with a bottle shot showing all the glittery goodness :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Butter London Disco Biscuit and a Tart with a Heart

Finally got the two Butter Londons I've been lusting after for my birthday! First up is Disco Biscuit! DB is a deep hot pink jelly with toooons of blue iridescent glitters and a few specks of iridescent greenish aqua sparks. I did four coats and it still wasn't all the way opaque, but I don't care! I threw on a funky french tip with some tape and Kleancolor Metallic Orange. I did about five coats of topcoat and this was glassy smooth. People have complained about the grittiness, but a few coats of Gelous and Seche Vite smoothed out all the lumps.

And a quick fauxnad using Tart With a Heart and Color Club Gossip Column with a Bundle Monster plate. TWAH is awesome. It's super sheer with gold small shimmers and iridescent opalescent glitters. I love this polish because the gold shimmers almost seem holographic but they're not, and they seem to flash orange in some lights. Yummy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My birthday mani! glittahfest!

Hello all, today I celebrate my birth with glitter! I've got a fun day planned with my family and lots of cupcakes so I'll keep this post brief. I wanted to combine a few of my favorite things: holo, flakies, iridescent glitter and teal!

This mani is two coats of Color Club Gossip Column (best formula ever) one coat of Cover Girl City Lights, followed by OPI I Lily Love You. Aaaallllll of my favorite things covered in a layer of Gelous and Seche Vite. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Orange and Pink combos

It's that time again! It's gift time at my Lancome counter, so I've been trying to keep it festive with some colors inspired by the tote bag.

For this mani I used Nicole by OPI You're an Angel and Fresh Squeezed. I'd used YaA before, and it was a horror to apply. Thin and watery but the shimmer is just so darn gorgeous! I think I did six coats on its own last time, and it still wasn't opaque. This time I used nude colored polish "underwear" and layered three coats of each color on top. I just love the shimmer in these, they have little golden and pink flecks that get tinted by the base and look so summery!

Then today I created this monstrosity. Two coats of Kleancolor Metallic Mango (love), one coat of Seche Vite, one of China Glaze Broken Hearted, a couple silly flower glitters from Hobby Lobby, and tooooons of topcoat.

Kinda crazy but I like it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Icing polishes!

On one hand, I love that Icing stores frequently come out with new colors, but I get so sad when I miss out on a limited polish and can't get it again. This time I hit it just at the right time! I grabbed two colors, one that reminds me of Butter London Disco Biscuit, and one that reminds me of China Glaze Rainstorm.

I Like the Night Life is sooo neat and complex. Medium bright blue base with a cool purple flash and small blue glitter throughout. I was afraid that this polish would dry lumpy, but it was perfect! A little thick, but I was so happy that one coat of topcoat smoothed it out and the shimmer wasn't too hidden! Shown here is about three coats.

And here is Lipstick and Lovers. This sucker was super frustrating for me because it wouldn't get opaque! This if four or five coats, and eventually I just gave up and said whatever. It's so bright that I figured nobody would care if there was visible nail line. Otherwise formula was okay, super pretty bright pink bordering on reddish pink with a pretty blue/violet shimmer with blue glassflecks. Reminded me of Disco Biscuit, which I've been hardcore lemming. Next time I'm going to try this over a white base to lighten it up and help with opacity.

You can buy these babies for $4.50 at Icing stores, and they always have a buy one get one 50% off deal. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Iron Man-i

I love Iron Man. It's one of my favorite movies and I just love Tony Stark as a character, especially portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. And somehow, even with all this love, I had no idea that there was going to be an Avengers movie until last month! Which is a blessing because if I'd known early I would have agonized over the wait. I went to see The Avengers yesterday with my mom, and boy did we enjoy the man candy fest that is that movie! Dreaminess everywhere! However, I would have enjoyed it more if Chris Evans had played every role. And it still bugs me that there is a character paradox: how can Chris Evans be Captain America AND the Human Torch???

Anyways, here is the mani that I wore in honor of this movie!

 I started with two coats of Nabi Magnetic polish in Tawny. I didn't use the magnet because this color is goooorgeous on its own. I then put on a layer of China Glaze Electrify from the Hunger Games collection. I did a  layer of Gelous and then Seche Vite topcoat, and the weirdest thing happened! The red from Tawny leeched into the topcoat and turned the mani into pretty much a jelly sandwich, you could no longer see the gold in Electrify, it all was tinted red!

So I let it dry and then added a gradient tip in Electrify again, then Gelous and Seche Vite. 

This mani could also represent...House Lannister of Game of Thrones or Gryffindor from Harry Potter. But fandom of the moment is The Avengers... so go Iron Man! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Butterflies Over the Caribbean stamping

An update to yesterday's post. I used plate BM205 from the second Bundle Monster kit, and added some big butterflies! Unfortunately they came out kind of blobby and look more like bows... But I still like them! They reminded me of the little glowing butterflies from Sailor Moon during some of her transformation scenes. I used Kleancolor Metallic Orange over NOPI It's Up To You from yesterday. Me gusta.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nicole by OPI - It's Up to You

The only thing I love more than a holo is a good duochrome. I'd never even heard of this polish before, but I recently acquired it through a great multiswap through This polish has been around for awhile and is still relatively easy to find online. The colors in It's Up to You are absolutely captivating. This polish has a blue base, bright but not super bright, that flashes with an aqua blue glow in bright light, and in the shade there is more of a turquoise flash. Then on the very edges you can find a hint of indigo blending to purple. Oohhhh, love so much. Enjoy!