Monday, December 19, 2011

A couple holiday hits from last year...

While my current holiday mani is drying, here are some pictures of one from a couple night ago! I got Revlon Powder Puff last year while Ulta was having some crazy buy 2 get one free deal. It's such a pretty sheer white with a blue sheen running through it, but it dries to a matte-ish texture. I did one coat of Sally Hansen Whirlwind White (awful formula), and layered 2 coats of Powder Puff on top. Then I added a coat of another awesome polish from last year, China Glaze Party Hearty. What an awesome holiday polish!

Then I sandwiched this beneath another layer of Powder Puff to make it more pastel. Yummm.

Someone at work said it looked edible, I agree!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm a Survivor...

I'm watching the finale of Survivor. No spoilers here, but I wish I was in the tropics right now. I've had a little too much Christmas "cheer" today at work. Bunch of jerks. But my nails do not share my same feelings. They are chock full of festiveness.

Today's mani is a combination of many things... It started with 3 coats of Essie Ruby Slippers, a beautiful red jelly filled with orange-y red glitter. Lovely formula and application was a dream. Then I added a gradient of a Snowman polish which contains red and green hex glitter. Such a fun polish! Wish these had names. It's just labeled "Snowman". Der.

Look at this glowy goodness! Ruby Slippers just gloooooows and looks like burning embers.

And then I added a little gradient of Cover Girl City Lights... for some SPARKLIES.


So for anyone wondering about my car, it was declared totaled. I got about a $9700 settlement, which is nowhere near enough to buy my same car again. So I really appreciate everyone who bought from my blog sale!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Xmas NOTD - Estee Lauder Black Berry + China Glaze Party Hearty

Hello friends! Thank you all for participating in my blog sale! I appreciate all the nice words and thoughts you all sent about my car. Here's a NOTD  I did to cheer myself up and get in the holiday spirit. I did three coats of an oldish Estee Lauder nail polish called Black Berry. Kind of a jelly, really pretty dark red, nice formula. Then I did one coat of China Glaze Party Hearty, from last year's holiday collection. Weeee, Christmassy!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blog Sale! to benefit my car repair fund :)

Hello friends! Thank you all so much for your kind words on MUA. Last night I kind of freaked about money and decided to do a big purge. I raided my closet-stash and dumped them all in a basket. Spent this morning organizing and hemming and hawing, but these are the ones I feel like I can part with. All proceeds from this sale go to benefit me and my smashy car fund.

*Update: my car has been deemed total-ed, so this is now a Buy A New Car blog-sale :(

I know some of these prices are higher than retail, and I know that sometimes that is a big no-no on MUA. But I paid above retail for a lot of these on Ebay, and I would like to get a fair price for them. So please don't hate! A lot of the HTF's I checked Ebay prices, and then made sure to set a lower discounted price for my sale.

Leave a comment in the comments section for which polishes you'd like, and message me on MUA too please your email address, and then I'll send you a confirmation email with an invoice. If there is an overlap, whoever posted first gets dibs, unless they have a failure to pay, and then I'll make a second chance offer to the next person that wanted it.

Payments can be sent to on Paypal.
Shipping and handling will be 2.00 for one polish, and then .50 for each additional polish, until you hit flat-rate box shipping.
Minimum order of $5 (without shipping), so I don't go crazy :)
US and Canada only, or if international, say where, and we'll do a case by case basis.

If you'd like to look at my feedback to insure trustworthiness, my ebay screenname is animefreak2000, and I have 100% feedback as a buyer and seller, and around 75 positive swaptokens on MakeupAlley under the screenname skippylives.

Most polishes have been used 1-2 times, unless noted otherwise, and I'll continue to update this post with pictures and usages. 

Thanks again for your support!

China Glaze - $3 unless noted otherwise

 Flying Dragon

Laser Lime
Good Witch?
Jolly Holly
Lubu Heels
Atlantis - $4

Digital Dawn
Ghoulish Glow
2030 - $10

LOL - $12
FYI - $10

Jessica -$2
Midnight Mist

Orly - $4
Space Cadet
Lucky Duck *bn
Sweet Peacock (not pictured)

Revlon - $1.50
Ocean Breeze
Blue Lagoon

TS Nail Color - $.50

Confetti - $1
Pink Confetti
My Favorite Martian

Essie - $4
Demure Vixen
Sexy Divide

Chanel  - $12
Paradoxal (about 70%+ full)

Estee Lauder
Fuschia - $8
Ultra Violet  - $12

Color Club - $2
Very Merry Berry $3De-luxe-icious (unlabeled)
Untamed Luxury (unlabeled)
What a Shock!
Wild Orchid

Funky Fingers $1
Icicle Lights
mini dupe of Color Club What a Shock!

Sally Hansen
Dazzling $1
Purple Gala $1
Blush Diamond $5
Ruby Diamond  $4
South Sea Pearl $2
Burgundy Orchid (half full) $5

DS Original $22
Coral Reef $10
Blue Moon Lagoon $10
DS Treasure $5
Pink Me I'm Good $20

Excuse Moi (not pictured) $6
La Boheme (mini) $9
Merry Midnight $20
Take the Stage (mini) $1

Sephora By OPI
Skinny Jeans $4

Nicole By OPI
Fresh Squeezed $4

Zoya - $4

Random Minis $.50
Blush Purple w/ silver flecks
Blush Darker Purple w/ glitter
H&M Dark Purple mini
Hard Candy lighter purple w/ glass flecks
Harder Candy darker purple w/ fuscia glitter

Sinful $.50
Let's Talk

LA Girl $1
Rockstar- Head Banging
Forever 21  Red/ Black/ Silver

Essence $.50
Can't Cheat On Me
Where is the Party?

Wet N Wild $.50
Grey's Anatomy

Borghese $6
Stellar Notte

NYX $1

Elf $.50
Fire Coral
Fluorescent pink (I think, label fell off)

Claire's Mood Peaceful/Confident $1
Claire's Chunky green glitter $1

Snowman Holo glitter $1

Lynnderella $10
Love Potion No. 99 (used 2 manis as topcoat)

Ozotic Pro 502 $9

Black holo (better) $2

Black holo (more scattered) $2

Orange/coral pearl holo (stronger) $3

Black/blue franken with red/green color morphing pigment (gorgeousss) $3

SH Nail Prisms Lavender Pearl frankened w/ black $2

Some Drugstore stuff:

Wet N Wild
Prancer $2
Blitzen $1

Milani Gold Jewels (not from gem fx collex) $2

Jesse's Girl $1

Friday, December 9, 2011

My car got hit by a tree! And spam...

It's been a crazy ridiculous couple of days... bad storm... tree killed my car. Came home from work that same night after I saw my dead car, came home to no gas heat or cooking... stupid construction work...

The daggone tree beheaded my Batman antenna topper... Poor Batman.

So here's some spam:

This was my mani the day I found out my car got smashed, Orly Snowcone with China Glaze Snowglobe (old version) on top. The Orly's formula was bananas and a pain in the ass. Gluey and thick. Wonderfully opaque, but unpleasant, even after thinner. Beautiful blue/periwinkle color though. With two coats of Snowglobe, it made a beautiful, sparkly, masterpiece.

So to cheer myself up, while I was waiting for them to tow away my car, I put on three coats of OPI The Show Must Go On, my favorite from last year's OPI Burlesque Collection. TSMGO is an amazing pinky/red/orange/gold duochrome. So bright. So foily. Just a total mood brightener. Awesome formula. Love.

This was taken outside of Macy's, watch it GLOW!

And here it is with the original version of Icing Tiger's Blood, a sheer orange jelly with iridescent glitter:

Monday, December 5, 2011

...more sparkles to match my Shiny Thing

So here we have fourteen layers of goodness:
Base, sticky base, AA Hassid, 2 coats Turquoise Opal, one coat Seche Vite, one coat Funky Fingers Bella's Boy, one coat Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell. One coat Seche Vite. Later: one coat OPI Turquoise Shatter, one coat Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell, one coat Seche Vite. Little later, one coat Sally Girl gold hex. One last coat Seche Vite. Oo Boy. here ya go:  My shiny thing!!! 

 My nails are so thick but sooo sparkly!

Turquoise Opal and my new shiny pretty :)

Working yesterday, I saw the most super shiniest prettiest shiny thing, and decided I MUST POSSESS IT. But after acquiring it, I was challenged to come up with a manicure to try to dupe the gorgeousness. So I present to you 2 coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prism Turquoise Opal over American Apparel Hassid with a coat of Funky Fingers Bella's Boy and one coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell. For some reason my camera cannot capture all the color shifting goodness. And because I had topcoated the TO before I added the glitter, my final layer of Seche Vite crinkled the bottom layer of TO. Meh, oh well.