Monday, August 25, 2014

It's franken time!

Hello all! I recently got a bug in my bonnet about all the Spectraflair I had left, so I decided to mix up some colors. My first creation I'm gonna show y'all is Peritwinkle.

Ahhh. That's what I'm talking about. My perfect periwinkle with a holographic shimmer. I got disgruntled because I'm always looking for a bright lilac periwinkle and it's so hard, so I experimented until I got something I liked. The recipe for this baby was about a quarter Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, about an 1/8 of Circus Tight Rope, but any neon purple would work. And then a bunch of white to lighten it up. Then I added about 3 tiny scoops of Spectraflair and shook it a bunch. 

Weeeellll, I learned quickly that this much creme polish just about obscures all holo particles. So I literally used up about two bottles of clear trying to thin it out. And then you could just baaaarely see the holo. So these pics above are Peritwinkle plus a coat of home-made Spectraflair topcoat. 

Ain't she a beaut? This is about 2 mini scoops of Spectraflair in 3/4 full bottle of NYC Grand Central Station. We shall dub thee, Rainbow Road! So there's the scoop. My two newest frankens, got one more to swatch later, a vampy holo.