Saturday, March 3, 2012

Holo funky franken french + OPI DS Glamour

I'm having my first three day weekend off of work in foreveerrrrr. So I wanted to do something fun and holo-y. Awhile ago I made a franken using half a bottle of OPI DS Original and some American Apparel Hassid to make a black holographic polish I dubbed Rainbow Road. So for this manicure I did alternating nails of Zoya Pinta and Sinful Black on Black, and then layered DS Glamour over Pinta and my franken Rainbow Road over the black. This morning I added funky french tips in the alternating colors (just the holos, no base underneath) so it's very subtle.

Mmmmmm... Rainbows.... Now I need to clean my house :/


  1. I love this! very creative and subtle

  2. This is SOOOOOO pretty. You're so lucky to have OPI DS Glamour to franken with. :o) Still trying to hold out paying extortionate prices on eBay for this.