Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SpaRitual Howl, Orly Mermaid Tail, and Love and Beauty Black/Fuschia Gradient

More Halloween goodness featuring SpaRitual Howl, Orly Mermaid Tail, and Love and Beauty Black/Fuschia Gradient. Halloween is my favorite, and I have so many polishes that fit a Halloween theme that I have to get as many on my nails as possible at one time.

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 photo 20151012_181807-1_1.jpg

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Long time no see, my friends! Nursing school is hard and very time consuming. Here is my most recent fall themed manicure. The sparkles just make me so happy.

This is China Glaze Harvest Moon, with China Glaze Glitter Goblin, and Lynnderella Glass Houses on top.

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 photo 20151008_103617-1.jpg
 photo 20151008_103653-1.jpg

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's franken time!

Hello all! I recently got a bug in my bonnet about all the Spectraflair I had left, so I decided to mix up some colors. My first creation I'm gonna show y'all is Peritwinkle.

Ahhh. That's what I'm talking about. My perfect periwinkle with a holographic shimmer. I got disgruntled because I'm always looking for a bright lilac periwinkle and it's so hard, so I experimented until I got something I liked. The recipe for this baby was about a quarter Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, about an 1/8 of Circus Tight Rope, but any neon purple would work. And then a bunch of white to lighten it up. Then I added about 3 tiny scoops of Spectraflair and shook it a bunch. 

Weeeellll, I learned quickly that this much creme polish just about obscures all holo particles. So I literally used up about two bottles of clear trying to thin it out. And then you could just baaaarely see the holo. So these pics above are Peritwinkle plus a coat of home-made Spectraflair topcoat. 

Ain't she a beaut? This is about 2 mini scoops of Spectraflair in 3/4 full bottle of NYC Grand Central Station. We shall dub thee, Rainbow Road! So there's the scoop. My two newest frankens, got one more to swatch later, a vampy holo.