Thursday, March 1, 2012

A mix of magnetics...

So, I went on a magnetic nail polish binge recently. I hit up Icing, Claire's, Hot Topic, and surprisingly, Walgreens! So I swatched my three new Nabi magnetic polishes from Walgreens. Of course, none of them have names, because Nabi is ridiculous. Before I found these at Rite Aid, the only place I knew of to get these was on eBay, where you used to be able to get them for dirt cheap. Seems like the price has been going up since the demand of polish has gotten higher, especially for specialty polishes like glitter, crackle, and magnetics, which Nabi offers in high quantity. A neat thing about the Nabi magnetics, different colors have different designs on the lid. I saw diagonal lines, sideways lines, vertical lines, and chevrons. There were also dozens of different colors and finishes, almost toooo many choices.
Here are my Nabis that I found at Walgreens, two for $9!

This one I was a little disappointed in. The bottle made it look more like a mustard gold, but when the magnet grabs the pigment, it comes up in dark green lines. I called these my pickle nails!

This one called to me because it's so dainty and girly! If it wasn't in direct light, the gold and pearly pink blended together to look kind of like a pretty light bronze. But the sparkle in the gold lines was just fascinating to me. 

 This is a color that I've been lusting for. A sexy vampy berry/red. It starts a metallic deep cool toned red, and the magnet pulls up black stripes.

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  1. wooow need that dark red mag.. never seen nabi at wags, will have to look again!