Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Color Club Fashion Addict: $3 holo!

Who doesn't love holographic nail polish? It's shimmery, happy, and FULL OF RAINBOWS. I am possessed by a desire to obtain ALL OF THE HOLOS. There are a lot of caps in this post because I just love holographic polish THAT MUCH. I love mythical creatures, and it's a hard love to flaunt. As much as I'd love to cover myself in unicorn memorabilia, it's just not that easy to do. But every time I wear a holo nail polish, it gives me that magical little feeling of bliss inside.

A draw back: most holos are either very hard to find, or very expensive. There are a few easy to find exceptions, like the Milani holographic nail polishes. Today I have for you Color Club Fashion Addict, a light silvery lilac scattered holographic polish. Color Clubs can be bought online or at Bed Bath and Beyond for as little as $2.99, a fraction of the cost of $12.50 Nfu Ohs or $18 Ozotics. Unfortunately, the holographic version of this polish, as well as the other holos in this collection, have become harder to find. When Color Club ran out of holo pigment they just replaced their holos with creme formulas which led to a lot of disappointment in the nail world. Some duds are still hanging around online and in stores. I find the best way to tell if you have a dud in your hand is by walking to the front of the store and finding a ray of sunlight to check for rainbows (this is what I did to determine the Fashion Addict I had in my hand was good, but the Revvvolution they had was a dud).

The formula on my Fashion Addict is opaque and heavenly. I did two coats of Fashion Addict over one coat of Nfu Oh's Aquabase.I really do recommend Aquabase if you use holos often. It makes your holographic polishes way easier to apply, which means less coats, which means you save your polish! Some even say it makes the polishes brighter, more holo-y. I don't have proof of this, but I can't disprove it either!

Not the MOST holo polish, but still dainty and lovely.

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