Friday, August 31, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Scrangie

Hellloooo sexeh purple! I've been neglecting my purple polishes for awhile, but no longer! Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie was my first high end polish and my first kinda sorta "indie" polish. RBL's are known for usually having a good formula and "hidden" shimmer. Luckily for me, the shimmer in this one isn't too hidden. RBL Scrangie was released in 2009 in a collection that was created in a collaboration with the bloggers they were named after. Scrangie says in her post about it here that she was inspired by a beetle shell or butterfly wing when collaborating with Ji from RBL.

Now, I got this in a swap through pure luck over a year ago, not knowing how gorgeous or hard to get it would be. I don't know if I'd ever being able to lay down $18 for any of the Rescue Beauty Lounge colors out of my own pocket, the only two I have, I swapped for. So this is one of the only posts you'll ever see me do for RBL, if you want more, check out my buddy Rach's blog, Stuff I Swatched, she has a bunch.

I like it because it's A) Purple B) Duochrome C) awesoommmmeee. The base is a pretty purple, a little more red than blue, with a gorgeous aqua flash, and the occasional hint of gold sparks. The formula on Scrangie is a little thin, so I did have to use four coats, but I think it was worth it! It's definitely unique in my stash.

So pretty~!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Catch Up Spam!

Man am I behind on swatches or what??? Here are some of the manis I've been wearing lately:

Essence Grey-t to Be Here with CND Crimson Sparkle on top. Had to add the CND effect because the Essence's sparkle just wasn't cutting it for me. Love the base color of it though! Three coats plus one of Crimson Sparkle.

OPI Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede. Normally I don't like green polishes, but the depth in this one is amazing. It almost looked 3d/holographic. Super sexy green. This swatch is two coats no topcoat.

And here with NYC Grand Central Station topcoat.

China Glaze Pink Plumeria, two coats over a nude franken base, with a franken Spectraflair holo topcoat. I love Pink Plumeria soooo much! It almost makes me look tan. 

Layla Hologram Effect Red Taboo is a gorgeous deep pink holographic polish. This swatch is two coats over one coat of Nfu Oh Aquabase. Please excuse the lack of cleanup, I did my nails at my parent's house and didn't have my usual equipment. Ugh, it's almost TOO pretty!

Woo! I've got some more coming a little bit later, a few indies that deserve their own post!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

- A Winner For the Holo Contest and NOTD

Someone recently commented on the contest I was running a little while ago. For some reason, both the winners that I drew for the contest never responded to their emails saying that they had won. I didn't want to be one of those sites that contacted a winner and then reneged when they didn't respond right away. However, I would assume that it's been long enough now that if the winning parties were interested, they would have responded.

So, after giving them plenty of time to claim their prize, I'll post a new winner here on the blog, with the hopes that they'll see this post and claim the awesomeness that is their new bottle of OPI DS Sapphire!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and a NOTD to give you a little something to look at! A franken with some holo dots.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

China Glaze Unpredictable stamped

Here's another duochrome post for you! I've been on a roll with these lately. I bought a few from the fall China Glaze collection New Bohemian, and unfortunately, I'm still not that blown away by them. I was hoping for something more like the Ozotic multichromes or the old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, and got frosty chromes with a more subtle shift. Since I don't think green nail polishes look that great on me, I stamped it with a black pattern to make it more fun.


I do love me a duochrome! Just wish it was a liiittle more saturated in color.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revlon Over the Moon and Piggy Polish Galaxy

Hello all! I'm a little behind on posting, so let me tell you about a little gem that I picked up at Ulta on clearance. I remember originally seeing these Revlon Nail Art funky french duos at Rite Aid and being mesmerized by the gorgeous combinations of different glassfleck and creme colors. They were 7.99 however, and I said eff that nonsense. Fast forward to last week at Ulta, and I see this gorgeous mermaid-y duochrome color attached to a dainty pink with a 3.99 clearance tag and said that's for me!

Another thing about me, I have a teeerrriible weakness for these types of blue. Revlon Tidal Wave is very similar to this color, and so is China Glaze Deviantly Daring. But I did a comparison on my nail wheel, and Deviantly Daring is way more brush strokey and a little lighter. This polish also applied waaaay easier than DD, which bubbled like crazy, this one applied nice and smooth/

Here is three coats of the blue chrome side of Over the Moon with one coat of Poshe topcoat.

And now with Piggy Polish Garden Galaxy! I hate layering glitters over metallics and chromes because it inevitably looks like the glitter sinks into the polish and makes dents. But I still think the combination is pretty.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hare Afterglow on steroids

I finally got my first Hare polish! I picked Afterglow because all the other ones seemed to have a lot of the same glitters in them with different base colors. But Afterglow is just gorgeous. It has a deep blue jelly base, slightly dusty, with purple microglitter and pink, purple, and orange small glitter hexes. I do wish it had more of a variety of sizes of glitter, but other than that, I like it!

The formula was a little on the thick side, but no more so than some of my other indie polishes, easier to spread than most. The glitter didn't always disperse evenly however, so I did end up having to do four coats to get a good opacity and glitter spread. Also, the blue base seemed to kind of grey out the glitter under the surface of the blue, so you don't get that awesome jelly sandwich effect that you usually get from these types of polish.

So being me, I had to glitter this suckah up! I layered a coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell as well as a layer of my franken green to red color shifting shimmer topcoat. Enjoy!

Sexy beast! I actually wore this for two days!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Indie Polish Monday! Lynnderella and Lilacquer

As I'm packing for my move in September... I see just how much nail polish I have. Lots... But my indies are definitely some of my favorite and most loved. Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire and Bride of Franken are probably two of my most used colors. After all the dramz with Lynn's ebay craziness, I decided I didn't really want to spend that much on her polish. However, I managed to swap for the only one I wanted from her new collection, Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice, Glass Houses! Glass Houses is all the things I love in a polish: glitter, duochrome, and deep orange magical goodness!

I wanted to layer it over a contrasting color, so I layered it over a deep blue creme by Jessica called Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse is one of my favorite layering bases because it's super opaque and smooth and gorgeous. This is two coats of Solar Eclipse with one coat of Lynn's Glass Houses brushed then dabbed on to fill in blank spots.

This polish make me want Halloween season to be here so BAD. (Even thought that's how I feel all the time ;)

Next up is a polish I just got in the mail yesterday and just had to throw on. Lilacquer is an indie polish brand currently available on Etsy. So far I am digging Lilacquer because her shop usually has polishes in stock, which is nice since some stores are always empty, restock for five minutes, then empty again. Her shipping was also super fast, the polishes wrapped carefully, and so beautiful!

This polish is full of awesome, Lilacquer Schrodinger's Catastrophe: multichromatic microshimmer (green to violet), multichromatic small glitter, and then larger blue, green, and aqua color iridescent hexes that all shift to blue to purple. So pretty and ethereal! Like the easiest galaxy or under the sea manicure ever. I also wanted to use a different color than I usually would as a base, and knock out an untried at the same time, so I used two coats of Cherimoya matte-n-a- in the color Documentary, a super dark matte brown. Then I layered a coat and a half or so of SC by brushing then dabbing again glitter where there were holes.

MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm. I freaking love iridescent blue/purple glitter. Best impulse purchase ever! Check out Lilacquer here at her Etsy shop.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Night Spam! Franken, a China Glaze Bohemian and a German OPI

Here's a little catch up spam I've been saving for you all. Work has been totally insane lately and when I get home, all I want to do is pass out. But I have been doing my nails. So first up is a franken I made using Revlon Royal, clear, suspension base, and Spectraflair powder. This swatch is two coats over Essie No More Film.

And this next mani I wore all of five minutes. Chromes seem to be impossible for me to apply without serious bubbling and brush-strokiness. China Glaze Deviantly Daring is one of the less duochromatic colors in the China Glaze Bohemian collection, but I think it's still a pretty color. This is two coats and one coat of Poshe. 

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest.. .how I wanted you to be more magical. In the bottle it is fantastic! Purple-red shimmer in a deep navy base. On the nail it looks almost black unless it's in direct sunlight.*sigh* This is two coats with one coat of Poshe. Easy to apply, and one of the easiest cleanups I've ever done on a vampy. Definitely a gorgeous formula. 

My goal is to franken this with OPI Germanicure and red to green shifting pigment to make something awesome similar to OPI La Boheme.

I know, a lot of pictures, but I was hoping to catch some magic!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Franken - Inner Space w/ Cherimoya Electric Heaven

Hello all! Someone on Makeup Alley once posted a franken similar to this one, with the instruction of Orly Space Cadet + white nail polish. How easy is that? And how gorgeous is the result??? Smooth jellified dusty green/teal with coppery pink shimmer. I love this so much! I named my version Inner Space.

 And then I topped it with Cherimoya Electric Heaven for some extra sparkle. Ugh, I loved this mani so much.

Hope you enjoyed! :)