Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mars Star Power! ... a franken

Continuing with the Sailor Moon theme, I have another franken for you, Mars Star Power! I've been wanting to franken something similar to OPI's La Boheme for awhile. I've also been wanting a vampy pink. Yes, that's right, a vampy pink. So what I did was decant a little of one of my precious OPI Man of La Mancha polishes, added a drop of Sally Hansen Instadry Night Flight, and about 50% NYS Hot Purple. It has that awesome red to green color shifting pigment, and looks super vampy. This is three coats of MSP over one coat of Night Flight.


  1. I love this on you!!! Miss you T!

  2. I love your frankens! I'm a Sailor Moon fan, and I think Mars Star Power! and Saturn's Scythe are super awesome and perfectly named!