Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finger Paints has FLAKIES! Twisted and Asylum

So, ever since finding Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, I have had a deep and passionate love of flakie polish. What is a flakie or flakey polish? It contains little mylar flakes that are usually iridescent and contain multiple different sizes and shapes of irregular size. Finger Paints is a brand specific to Sally's Beauty Supply, and they just came out with their Special Effects collection consisting of Motley, a blue and green flakie, Flecked, a green flakie, Asylum, a red to green with blue flakes, Flashy, a dupe to the other red to green flakies out there, and Twisted, a mish mash of all the flakies together! Here are the manis that I've done with them so far:

 Here is two coats of Asylum over two coatsof Savvy Deja Blue.

Now here is another fun one. This is China Glaze Electric Beat with Essie As Gold As It Gets with a couple layers of Twisted on top. 

And then here is China Glaze Gothic Lolita with Twisted on top:

The biggest difference I can easily see between Asylum and Twisted is that Twisted has a much larger green presence. That's why I had to go back and get Asylum, hoping it would be more red. But in reality Asylum is like a super sparse SH Hidden Treasure with some blue flecks thrown in. I imagine it'd be pretty close to Merry Midnight done over a dark purple.


  1. I'm wearing Motley right now over Zoya - Cynthia. I really love the colors of the flakes, but it definitely was a bit sparse.

  2. I have all 5 of these and they rock! I am becoming a flakie junkie!