Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hits no Olimpo Ares w/ funky french (red HOLO!)

So... a red holo is a rare and beautiful thing to find. Especially under $15 a bottle. They always tend to be too pink or too orange. Here is the beauty that is Hits no Olimpo Ares, a gorgeous red jelly holographic polish that just looks juicy and sparkly and awesome! I did one coat of Ares over one coat of Lancome's no. 22 red jelly. The formula on Ares was nice, thick but not gummy. The brush was eeeevil incarnate: little prickly bristles sticking out everywhere. Rawr.

Yikes! My nails are getting long. I was gonna cut them down a bit, until someone at work complimented on how they can't be real! :) We like this.

Although the version my work people saw was with french tips of OPI Take the Stage. I was trying to figure out what color would compliment the red that wasn't Christmassy, Valentine-y, or gothic, so I chose ORANGE.

You can get your own bottle of Ares at Llarowe's website . Where you can get all those hard to find holographic and multichrome polishes. A wonderland of polish goodness!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I really want to try some Hits polishes, they are all so pretty- especially this collection! Nice blog by the way :)