Monday, January 23, 2012

Hits Artsy, in all its glory

As anyone who has seen my nail polish closet will tell you, I have a LOT of nail polish. Among my most precious are my Sally Hansen Nail Prisms. I am always hesitant to use them because they are very expensive to replace. But when I found out that Llarowe sells the Hits Mari Moon polishes I got so excited. Almost all of the Mari Moon polishes are dupes for either Ozotic multichromes or the Nail Prisms. Today I'll be showing you Hits Artsy, which is a dupe for Sally Hansen Nail Prism Garnet Lapis, one of my faaaavorites. So many colors, like an oil slick. So I'll do my best to document them all here for you.

Artsy is also a dupe for my new shiny earrings from Macy's!


  1. I love the Mari Moons!!! your nails are gorgeous and I adore your new ear danglies!!! thumbs up and an "all-around-squeeee!"

  2. Stunning, you capture all the different colours so well x