Friday, January 20, 2012

Franken and Jessey's Girl Confetti

I made a franken forever ago when I thought I was gonna start working at the Origins cosmetic counter. The executive had told me that they only wore light natural colors, and not black (which is what I wore in the interview ^_^). So I bought a ton of neutrals and started making more natural frankens. I ended up NOT getting the job because I was very pro-me in the interview, what-evs, and so today is the first time I've worn this color. Since then I became the manager at the Lancome counter, now I can wear what I want!

I have nooo idea what into this franken, but it's a lavender with gold sparkles. Slightly pearly. This is four coats here. Another of my Sailor Moon collection:

Chibi Moon:

And of course I had to spruce it up, so I added a previously untried Jessey's Girl Confetti:

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