Saturday, January 7, 2012

China Glaze Electro Pop Candy Stripe Mani... now with holo!

After buying that China Glaze Electro Pop "Lights" set, I wanted to use a couple of them in a manicure together. I chose Kinetic Candy and Dance Baby. I used scotch tape and cut teeny little strips after painting my nails with Dance Baby and Seche Vite. I place the strips of tape over my dry mani, and then painted Kinetic Candy on top. I tell  ya I had one hell of a time, the stupid tape kept breaking in mid-peel while I was removing, and I had to redo at least three fingers. Rawr. But it was a labor of love.

Here's my left hand, which you think would have come out better... but I actually like the right hand more.

Right hand, looks more uniform to me. And my totally flubbed pointer finger had a little square of tape that wouldn't come off, so I PAINTED OVER IT. Meh.

Pluuuuus, my holo coarse Spectraflair topcoat!!

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