Monday, June 4, 2012

Are You Red-y?

Hehe. Punny. Today I have some reds for you! I've been wearing a lot of rainbow glitter and craziness lately, so last night I did a little palette cleanser with a cheapy.  Wet n Wild Red Red is one of those staple colors that I believe everyone should own. Which is funny because I've only owned it for a few days, but this red is great! The formula was smooth and pigmented. I only needed two coats! This isn't the brightest red I own, but it's a nice clean looking red.

And Red Red even got a compliment from The Boy, who has little to no interest in my nail hobby, but is making an effort!

I added two coats of an unnamed polish from one of those $9.99 tubes of nail polishes they had at drug stores around Christmas. This is Shades of the Season untitled red. Gorgeous red shimmer with little gold glitters for flavor. 

Sorry for the imperfect cleanup... it's on my list of to-dos to improve my cleanup method :). 


And here's another red that I like, OPI's Love is a Racket. This originally came in a duo with OPI Pros & Bronze, one of the Serena Williams Glam sets. Love is a Racket is a gorgeous coral-y red with lots of shimmer flakes that give it a really pretty depth.

Thanks for looking!

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