Thursday, June 21, 2012

Orly Electronica Collection Fall 2012 "Preamp"

I went to Sally's yesterday for nail polish thinner (which I ended up forgetting :/), and left with my first Orly haul. I got two from the Electronica Fall 2012 collection, and I picked up Mysterious Curse on clearance, and Mermaid Tale from the new Flash collection. First swatch I have for you is Preamp from the Electronica collection. I had to ask the Sally's lady to look in the back since the collex wasn't displayed yet, and I'm so glad I did!

Preamp is a gorgeous blue tinged pink creme-y base with small pink and gold flakey shimmer. SO PRETTY.  The formula is pretty thick, but I'm getting used to that from Orly. I just love the color of this with my pale weird skintone. Just slightly purple toned but the warmth of the shimmer just pops this polish like nobody's business. It also has a hiiint of dustiness to it that keeps it from being fuschia. Love.

I tried to take pics in different lighting so you can see the cool tones and the warmer tones. Here is 3 coats of Preamp with one coat of Poshe topcoat. 


  1. UGHHHHHHHHHHH that is so pretty on you. Is this our magical Sally's?

    1. yes! I love this polish sooo much I'm gonna wear it TWO DAYS in a row! *gasp*.

  2. AH I saw this the other day and now I NEED it!! New follower, excited to see more : )