Thursday, June 14, 2012

My First Cult Nails haul!

I've been wanting to try some polishes from Cult Nails for forever! Ever since I saw swatches of Captivated I was in lust. Then when Icing came out with Tiger's Blood, I do believe they discontinued Captivated and I was sooo sad. But they brought it back and so I finally ordered and got a few new pretties. I picked up Captivated, Iconic, Seductive, and the Wicked Fast topcoat (recommended to me by Rach). I don't have much self control, so I started with 3 coats of Iconic... but then kept adding.

Iconic is pretty neat. The base polish is a purple-y red with heavy golden shimmer, with gold/green flakes throughout. Sooo pretty, but I wish it just had a little bit less of the gold shimmer. It almost looks a bit frosty and covers up too much of the flakes. I might thin it with some clear, but either way, it's gawwwgeous! And something about the color reminds me of OPI La Boheme, maybe I'll franken some color morphing powder into it. I used the Wicked Fast topcoat and I was pretty impressed with how quickly this dried, but it's not as shiny as Seche Vite, which is my love.

And of course I did a layer of Cult Nails Seductive on top, a limited addition jelly flakie polish. Gorgeous translucent purple sheer base with red to green flakes and blue flakes. I like that the layering made the base polish a little more violet tinged. And then I busted out a holo konad on top using China Glaze GR8. Ya know. Cuz that's how I do.

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  1. OOH that looks GORGEOUS on you!!! And WF has changed my entire Zoya experience ... I didn't really like it when I used it over Cult Nails Quench, though.