Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Essie No More Film w/ OPI Nothin' Mousie About It

Just a quick post for you before work! I'd seen swatches for Essie No More Film and had gotten really excited about having a deep fun indigo creme. When I tried it on, it was pretty much opaque in one coat. The formula is loooovely and rich. The only thing that made me sad about this polish is that it doesn't lean as blue as I was hoping. But it's still a gorgeous color.

For funsies I added a coat of OPI's Nothin' Mousie About It, which is part of OPI's new Minnie Mouse collection. Love it! The shimmer is pink and blue and gold, big flecks that sparkle so prettily! And of course the little hearts are a cute touch, but I think we all would have been happier with a Minnie Mouse polish that had mouse ear glitters! Oh well, here ya go!

 And No More Film on its own :)


  1. Pretty pictures! I wish I could capture the indigo? blurple? as well as you did. <3

  2. I just saw that essie the other day and ALMOST got it then decided not too...now I might have to go back and get it XD I can't wait to get my hands on Nothin' Mousie About It.