Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nails Inc Franklin's Row

Isn't she a beaut? This is my first Nails Inc polish, and I was pretty happy with it. I was super excited to find a new Sephora in my hometown, and I had to investigate. They had the new nail bar with all the different brands of polishes arranged in a rainbow of happiness. It was like polish heaven! I'd never seen Nails Inc in person and it was a physical thing to try to keep myself from grabbing and walking out with everything! I controlled myself and this was the only thing I picked up, but let me tell you about it!

Franklin's Row is a duochromatic polish... full of mysteryyyy. The base was an almost pearly greyed out dark blue with purplish duochrome. But theeen there are the foily flecks that shift from pretty reddish pink to purple to blue! There seem to be two different colors of flecks that allow at least two colors to flash at one time. Awesooome. The formula was nice and easy to work with, I used three coats but I only really needed two.

Love it!

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  1. This is so pretty!! It looks gorgeous on you! :D