Thursday, April 26, 2012

China Glaze Custom Kicks

I could not capture the gorgeousness that is this polish! Custom Kicks is originally from China Glaze's Kicks collection in 2009. I love everything about this color. Usually I hate anything that looks green on me, but this color is like a green leaning turquoise with super fine hidden gold shimmer (but not tooo hidden!). The shimmer totally makes this polish unique. I kept looking at my hands and wondering if I had any dupes in my collection (I probably have at least 50 blue/green polishes), but I couldn't find anything close to it. 

I know this swatch isn't the most exciting post ever, but this one of my favorite manis I've worn in awhile, just gorgeous simplicity. The polish had an AWESOME formula, two super easy coats, no bubbling, just love in a bottle!


  1. its really pretty, i dont know why i dont own this yet, im a teal nut!

    1. you need to get it, it's beyond awesome!

  2. same as ^ gnarly gnails, why do I not own this one yet?! i have always loved this shade, even though I'm not a huge turquoise fan. Looks absolutely fabulous on you!