Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Layering Fun!

Alright, if I was smart I would have shown you all of the steps one by one... but due to a ridiculous amount of life-crazy, I forgot. Either way, I love this mani. It's squishy and sparkly and I like it. I'm gonna keep this post short because I'm sleepy. But here's a few notes.

The formula on OPI Metallic 4 Life made me want to punch things. It was a PITA, but opaque in two coats. After M4L, I added a coat of Love & Beauty Violet, which is AWESOMMMMEEEE. To the extreme. Super pigmented jelly goodness. So much love. You can find Love & Beauty at Forever XXI stores, this one was only $1.50! Then I added a sheer coat of Sinful Forget Now (pink w/ glass fleck).

*edit, as I'm writing this post and waiting for my nails to dry for tomorrow NOTD, I'm watching the "Goodbye, Michael" episode of The Office, and crying like a baby. *sniffle*

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