Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Ultra Violet

Lookit those flames! Burn baby burn! This beauty is one of my three Layla Hologram Effect polishes. Ultra Violet is a gorgeous lilac linear holographic polish in the same vein as the Nfu Oh holographics. Very dense foily holo, as opposed to more sparse holos like Milani 3Ds and the linear but larger grain holos like the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms and Ozotics.

I applied Nfu Oh's Aqua Base first because I find that it helps with application immeeeensssely. Letting the base dry for at least a half hour helps a lot too. Supposedly if you apply your holo while it is still wet, it can cause cracking and tom foolery with your application. In these swatches I did two coats of the Layla over one coat of Aqua Base. Application was a breeze over the Aqua Base, although I hear tell that these are beasts to apply with out it.

Can I just say how amazingly grateful I am that awesomely bright linear holographics are finally available in mass market stores??? You can get Layla Hologram Effects and Magnetic polishes at Ulta for around $15. Yaaaay! Also avoid the dicketry of Ulta and the exhaustion of hunting by picking up your Laylas at

Mmmm. Holo.

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  1. This polish looks amazing, I definately want!