Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chanel "Holiday" - as in vacation not X-mas ;)

I apologize for the blurriness of these next pictures, but the light in my car gives a little more accurate picture of the color. 

I just tried to do a google search for this color and didn't come up with much. This Chanel polish called "Holiday" is part of a gorgeous summer collection that features coral glosses and lipsticks, beautiful bronzey powders, and three polishes. One of the polishes was a gold foil (meh) and the other was kind of a neutral pearly thing (double meh). Working in cosmetics has its perks, so I borrowed the tester and did my nails at work (muahahah!). The formula for Holiday was alriiight, not my favorite. And I'm gonna go with the term "jelly-creme" on this one, since it was sheer but milky with pigment at the same time. It took me four coats and it still wasn't all the way opaque, and like all Chanels, it bubbled on me.

The color is goooorgeous though. The richest of oranges, tinged with red. Fire-y and amazing. Looked more or less red depending on the light. I had to fiddle with the first two pictures to try to make the pictures less yellow orange and more red orange.

This polish is gorgeous, but I wouldn't spend $25 on it. However, it definitely got me in the mood for this type of color. Which is good, because this pretty well reflects the Pantone color of 2012, which we'll all be seeing a lot this year.

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