Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Nicole by OPI CVS Exclusives

To try to curb my num num binging, and because I had a craptastic day at work, I went to CVS to haul. Couldn't find the new Wet n Wild Spoiled nail polishes, and instead found a new display for NOPI's at CVS, technically part of the Kardashian collection. And that's all that we'll say referencing them. There were some really pretty colors, and some very un-unique ones. One looked like a dupe for OPI's Fiercely Fiona. Ew. But here are my picks from the collection, Smile for the Glam-era and Back to Reality- TV. SftG had a beaaaauuuutiful formula. Almost a one coater. A dark plum tinged brown, or a brown tinged plum, with a gorgeous gold and pink flecks of shimmer and a purple flash throughout. Similar idea to OPI Teasy Does It, but way more awesome.

Yes, I needed that many pictures. It was such a nice palette cleanser for me. Just dark and vampy and delicious. And then Back to Reality TV went on a little different than I thought. It's a medium dusty blue toned purple  with a fine, almost hidden, shimmer. The shimmer is pink with some hints of gold. Very hard to capture. I did an accent nail with an unnamed Claire's mini glitter.

Love these polishes, but Smile for the Glamera is definitely my favorite!

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