Thursday, February 23, 2012

My First Nerd Lacquers

Well, I would consider myself a pretty nerdy nerd. So when I saw swatches of polishes from this brand Nerd Lacquer on Makeup Alley, I got super excited! They have polishes themed from all your favorite sci fi movies and shows: Doctor Who?, Star Wars, Firefly, Monty Python, all kinds of awesomeness! Right now, it seems like they're so popular they had to temporarily shut down the site, but here are my first swatches.

Warrior Ethos is a gorgeous red jelly with small black glitter, black hexes, red glitter, red hexes large and small, and then every here and there these peeps of iridescent blue/purple hexes wink at me. For some reason this polish reminds me of blood and dirt on the battlefield, and the iridescent bits remind me of the spirits of fallen warriors. Like the ghost creatures in Final Fantasy Spirits Within or the warrior spirits in Final Fantasy 7. Basically this polish reminds me of Final Fantasy apparently. Looove. And I'll just throw this out there: Red XIII. The only thing I didn't like about this polish is that it didn't seem to have enough suspension base to keep the glitter floating. Had to shake it up a few times to get the bigger hexes.


Next up Cyance Friction, not my favorite. On the Nerd Lacquer site, swatches of this appeared more blue or aqua, but when I got it, it was totally green, like acid green. The glitter in it is really pretty, copper glitter and hexes, blue squares, and a purple color shifty micro glitter, but the base color is not my cup of tea. I put two coats of this polish over my previous Claire's mani, so excuse the lack of cleanup.

Meh, much happier with my current Warrior Ethos mani.

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