Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blue Claire's Magnetix

I showed you all the pink magnetic polish from Claire's the other day, now I have the blue one to show you! This was actually my Valentine's Day mani. The pics I have here are just of the polish on its own, but I had added a heart glitter topcoat and some Seche Vite. The combo totally smudged the design, and blurred the wavy goodness. So I would definitely recommend leaving this polish to dry on its own, like a holo, topcoat kills the good times.

Also, the brush on these polishes is terrible, every one I looked at at my local Claire's was bent and wonky. My mom was appalled that I was opening the bottles, but I really wanted a decent brush! So applying this polish was kind of a game, trying to keep the polish from covering my whole finger. This swatch is two coats, holding the magnet about 15 seconds. No topcoat!

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  1. really need this!!! all the claires magnetics are calling to me