Friday, February 17, 2012

Catherine Arley 805 - Black holo!

Things are getting pretty stressful at work, so I felt like I needed a palette cleansing vampy mani. I chose Catherine Arley 805 because its a gorgeous black with a little holo surprise. I hauled Catherine Arleys last year as one of my first big internet nail polish purchases. They are relatively hard to find because you have to order them from a European website that's very tricky to maneuver. But I regret nothing! Their brushes are a little wonky, and the formula is a liiiittle thick, but the colors... Yum. And they dry quickly and with a glossy finish, even without topcoat. The CA polishes tend to be less linear holographic and more scattered or a sparse almost-linear formation.

I added a rose painted on with acrylic paint and a dotting tool. I have a Lancome executive type visit today at work, so hopefully my rosy nail art will woo them.

Blurry to show the rainbowy-ness.

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  1. ooooh this is sooo pretty! love the rose you added also.