Sunday, November 13, 2011

SpaRitual Health, Wealth, and Happiness

This is the first SR I've tried, and I must say, it's a lovely color. Not as duochromey as I would have liked, but still very pretty. Very streaky on the first couple coats, but the third made it nice and even. I also found that this formula does very well on me, I wore it to work and had no chips or tipwear after a long crazy day. I was impressed!

And here I added an accent nail of OPI DS Temptation. A pretty color, but didn't really work for me. It seems to have these little dud/semi-holo glitters, which I will call pebbles, because they don't add anything good to the color, just unharmoniousness. Heh.

You can buy SpaRituals at And they sell for $10 each.

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