Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Favorite Martian Franken

Today I bring to you a franken. Now somehow down the line I ended up with two of Confetti's My Favorite Martian nail polishes. The problem being, I hate most green nail polishes. I don't know why, it's a combination of lobster hands and just green yuckiness. So I took one of my forlorn, lonely MFM polishes and decided to franken with it.

I started by adding a bunch of Revlon Royal and Ulta's Dance Teal Dawn, I also put in a scoop of  Green to Violet color morphing powder from http://morenailpolish.blogspot.com/. Now, I ended up overflowing this franken so I poured the overflow into a used up Seche Vite bottle. To this I added a bunch of white, clear, and more color morphing powder. The original franken is still too green, but this diluted MFM franken has a little bit more of a hunter green tint to it. Not nearly as mucus-y as the original. So here is a quick swatch I did, no top coat. This is three coats. It dried insanely fast! Must be the dregs of Seche Vite in it.

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