Thursday, November 17, 2011

A franken called Zombie-corn.

So we all know how awesome Clarins 230 is, right? RIGHT?  Ahem. Also known as the magical Unicorn Pee, or The Pee, because it is so rare and beautemous. So I bought a bunch of that color shifty pigment, and today's franken features the Red to Green shifting pigment. This gorgeous sparkly goodness is similar to the color shift in Clarins 230, except 230 goes all the way from red to yellow to green to blue. I also love the pics I've seen of an old Versace nail polish, which is like a blacker version of 230. So this is my homage to those lovely lovelies, Zombie-corn. (Zombie cause it's dark and -corn b/c of the unicorn reference and... oh shut up).

The base polishes I used are Wet n Wild Nocturnal, Wet n Wild black creme, red-green pigment and TKB suspension base. Should have used a different black, this chipped like a bish.

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