Friday, July 27, 2012

Rimmel Hard Edged stamped

After seeing a swatch of this online somewhere, I had to insta-buy this on eBay. Rimmel Hard Edged is an intriguing multichrome polish. The base of this is a dark dusty grey/black with a predominantly purple/red/brown shimmer that shifts to golden orange to almost green in different lights. Super crazy hard to describe, so I'll show you in pictures. This is three coats of Hard Edged with a coat of Poshe on top.

Mmmm... like super fine red to green color shift pigment! And of course I had to spice it up for work, this is using m25 Mash plate and Sally Hansen Color Quick in Red Chrome.


  1. Omg this Rimmel is to die for!! So gorgeous!

  2. Oh this is so pretty! I love the stamp on here! Nice job! Yes I am days behind! FYI-you may get more comments if you disable the word verification! Just a thought!