Friday, July 27, 2012

NYC Peach Sparkle w/ Maybelline Blazes of Blue

Here's another gorgeous addition to my stash I picked up the other day. I found this beauty at Rite Aid, in a display for NYC's summer collection. Peach Sparkle has been rumored to be a dupe for NARS Orgasm polish. I don't own that one, or many peaches at all for that matter, but I looove the gold shimmer in this polish. It's so soft but not tooo pale. I wanted a contrast so I added a layer of Maybelline's long discontinued Colorama Blazes of Blue glitter on top. I loooove iridescent blue glitter. It's my holy grail of glitters. I did this mani during a power outage a couple weeks ago, so pardon any imperfections :).

This mani is three coats of NYC Peach Sparkle. Me and this formula did not get along. For whatever reason, lately all the polishes I've used have been super gummy, this one was no exception. I topcoated Peach Sparkle and let it dry for a bit. I find that that helps frostier polishes from absorbing the glitter and making it look all sunken. Then I added a coat of Blazes of Blue and NYC GCS topcoat.

Enjoy :)

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