Monday, August 13, 2012

Indie Polish Monday! Lynnderella and Lilacquer

As I'm packing for my move in September... I see just how much nail polish I have. Lots... But my indies are definitely some of my favorite and most loved. Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire and Bride of Franken are probably two of my most used colors. After all the dramz with Lynn's ebay craziness, I decided I didn't really want to spend that much on her polish. However, I managed to swap for the only one I wanted from her new collection, Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice, Glass Houses! Glass Houses is all the things I love in a polish: glitter, duochrome, and deep orange magical goodness!

I wanted to layer it over a contrasting color, so I layered it over a deep blue creme by Jessica called Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse is one of my favorite layering bases because it's super opaque and smooth and gorgeous. This is two coats of Solar Eclipse with one coat of Lynn's Glass Houses brushed then dabbed on to fill in blank spots.

This polish make me want Halloween season to be here so BAD. (Even thought that's how I feel all the time ;)

Next up is a polish I just got in the mail yesterday and just had to throw on. Lilacquer is an indie polish brand currently available on Etsy. So far I am digging Lilacquer because her shop usually has polishes in stock, which is nice since some stores are always empty, restock for five minutes, then empty again. Her shipping was also super fast, the polishes wrapped carefully, and so beautiful!

This polish is full of awesome, Lilacquer Schrodinger's Catastrophe: multichromatic microshimmer (green to violet), multichromatic small glitter, and then larger blue, green, and aqua color iridescent hexes that all shift to blue to purple. So pretty and ethereal! Like the easiest galaxy or under the sea manicure ever. I also wanted to use a different color than I usually would as a base, and knock out an untried at the same time, so I used two coats of Cherimoya matte-n-a- in the color Documentary, a super dark matte brown. Then I layered a coat and a half or so of SC by brushing then dabbing again glitter where there were holes.

MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm. I freaking love iridescent blue/purple glitter. Best impulse purchase ever! Check out Lilacquer here at her Etsy shop.

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  1. Wow, that Lilaquer polish is amazing looking! I definitely need to check out this etsy shop!