Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hare Afterglow on steroids

I finally got my first Hare polish! I picked Afterglow because all the other ones seemed to have a lot of the same glitters in them with different base colors. But Afterglow is just gorgeous. It has a deep blue jelly base, slightly dusty, with purple microglitter and pink, purple, and orange small glitter hexes. I do wish it had more of a variety of sizes of glitter, but other than that, I like it!

The formula was a little on the thick side, but no more so than some of my other indie polishes, easier to spread than most. The glitter didn't always disperse evenly however, so I did end up having to do four coats to get a good opacity and glitter spread. Also, the blue base seemed to kind of grey out the glitter under the surface of the blue, so you don't get that awesome jelly sandwich effect that you usually get from these types of polish.

So being me, I had to glitter this suckah up! I layered a coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Bluebell as well as a layer of my franken green to red color shifting shimmer topcoat. Enjoy!

Sexy beast! I actually wore this for two days!

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