Friday, December 9, 2011

My car got hit by a tree! And spam...

It's been a crazy ridiculous couple of days... bad storm... tree killed my car. Came home from work that same night after I saw my dead car, came home to no gas heat or cooking... stupid construction work...

The daggone tree beheaded my Batman antenna topper... Poor Batman.

So here's some spam:

This was my mani the day I found out my car got smashed, Orly Snowcone with China Glaze Snowglobe (old version) on top. The Orly's formula was bananas and a pain in the ass. Gluey and thick. Wonderfully opaque, but unpleasant, even after thinner. Beautiful blue/periwinkle color though. With two coats of Snowglobe, it made a beautiful, sparkly, masterpiece.

So to cheer myself up, while I was waiting for them to tow away my car, I put on three coats of OPI The Show Must Go On, my favorite from last year's OPI Burlesque Collection. TSMGO is an amazing pinky/red/orange/gold duochrome. So bright. So foily. Just a total mood brightener. Awesome formula. Love.

This was taken outside of Macy's, watch it GLOW!

And here it is with the original version of Icing Tiger's Blood, a sheer orange jelly with iridescent glitter:


  1. What a terrible car incident, I'm sorry about that, Tara May. Batman wasn't able to save the car. lol Anyway, when it comes to parking, I suggest you park your car nowhere near trees (especially the tall ones) in times of storms to avoid this kind of accident. Or it would be better if you park inside a covered parking lot. :)

    Rita McCall

  2. Whew, that's quite a handful for a day. Anyway, did you try "resuscitating" your car? That's quite the damage, I know. I'm so sorry to see Batman beheaded. Your nails are lovely! Those sparkles are the bomb! :o)

  3. I think your nails were a great treat, especially because you had to witness the sudden death of your car and the decapitation of Batman (your antenna topper). I hope your car is fixed by now, and that you found a safer place to park it. :)
    {Mickey Doshi}