Monday, September 12, 2011

Okay... one year later... a bunch of frankens.

I'm still into beauty and makeup and nails, and now I'm at a fancy new counter! I am now the counter manager for Lancome at our Macy's, so I've been pretty busy. But my current obsession is still painting mah nails and frankening. So here's a post with some of the custom nail polishes I've created in the last year, and then my newer posts will be more NOTD's.

Here's my attempt at a dupe for OPI DS Exclusive. I used China Glaze Phat Santa and OPI DS Original. I like it!
Bottle shot:


So, I hated OPI DS Illuminate, it looked like poo on my hands, so I added a little WnW Nocturnal and got this, still needs a name:

And Clifford the Big Red Holo is China Glaze Phat Santa plus small size Spectraflair powder:

WnW black + clear + Spectraflair:

Clutch Your Pearls = WnW white creme + tons of clear + Spectraflair + Confetti Tiara:

Glittery franken topcoat called Rainbow Massacre:

Here's my version of China Glaze Spellbound, which I will call Franken the 13th, because I've been watching too many Friday the 13th marathons.

Bottle pic:
And swatch:

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