Thursday, November 8, 2012

Long time no see... Spam

Hello there all you lovelies! October was one hell of a crazy month for me. I just couldn't get myself to sit down and edit some nail pics. But there are a few layering combos and Halloween manis that I really enjoyed, and would love to share with you all!

First up is Butter London Wallis. I wore a bunch of these olive-y greens in October, and got compliments every time! I was pretty surprised because I wouldn't have thought that this murky green would be appreciated by anyone other than nail nerds like us. Of course Wallis is gorgeous, just look at that warm green/gold shimmery goodness.

Now this mani was inspired by someone's combo on MUA who used Wet n Wild Creepy Pumpkin over black. I wanted to kick it up a notch, so I did one coat of Creepy Pumpkin over two coats of an Essence navy jelly. The sparkle was gorgeous and had a gold to green shift! And I stamped a pumpkin on top from the second Bundle Monster set for fun.

And next up, Nubar Raspberry Truffle with Orly Godiva glitter on top. I loved this mani soooo much. Depending on the lighting, it could look more brown or purple in the base, but I loved the contrast with the pinky/gold shimmer and the bronze-y brown glitter in Godiva. It was twinkly and subtle but awesome. I hadn't worn this Nubar for like, two years, and I'm super glad I pulled it out, it's lovely!

And this was my day after election celebration mani. This is a franken that I made using a pink shimmer Sinful, and then loose matte yellow and orange squares, raspberry small shimmer, and orange hexes. Mmmm. Juicy. Then I added OPI Take the Stage tips because I had horrible shrinkage from Poshe topcoat.  Very cheerful mani. Me likey.

And my mani for election day, featuring China Glaze Ride the Waves, Revlon Slipper gitter, and the starry Kleancolor. This was a thick non drying mess, but I loved the final result. Sparkly! And I like the contrast between the red glitter in Slipper and the blue base.

Speaking of election day, the voting process is completely messed up. It took me and my friend three + hours of waiting in line at the first polling place, being told we didn't exist in the system and had therefor never  registered... Well guess what, I have voted in every presidential election since I was legal, and they're telling me I didn't exist. So they told us to go to a different school that matched a previous address of mine. Got there, still not found, still not allowed to vote, provisional or otherwise. Had one of the election helpers call their voting masters and they told me to go back to the original school. OH THE RAGE. It is ridiculously hard to carry out your civic duty when the voting gods are against you. But the original school did let me vote provisionally, but it was so frustrating. Anyways, here's my mani!

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