Tuesday, October 9, 2012

China Glaze Halloween Spam and Comparison

Soo... you all probably get it by now that I freaking love this month. This month is full of change for me: I'm changing jobs, figuring out how to go back to school for a different career, living in a new place... it's a lot. So my posts are a lot more sporadic, but I'm picking colors that make me happy. Of course I had to pick up a few of the new China Glaze Halloween Wicked collection.

 China Glaze Cast-a-spell = I LOVE THIS POLISH. It is full of sparklies and makes me feel like a crow with my sparklies. It's so hard to catch the awesomeness that is this polish. It's rich, velvety deep dark blackened green base with gold and green and orange super small flakes. It glows. I normally hate green polishes, but something about China Glaze glass fleck + Halloween = win for me.

And for those who might want to compare this gorgeous green with last year's Halloween green, Zombie Zest, here are four coats of Zombie Zest next to two coats Cast-a-spell.

 And China Glaze Zombie Zest from last years Halloween collection on its own. This color is so ugly-pretty. Like Exorcist pea-soup vomit on your nails, but sparkly! I love it. But I don't love how sheer it is. This is four coats and it shrank on me.

 And another from this year's Wicked collection, Bizarre Blurple. This polish is just downright sexy. I loved wearing this. The formula was great, the color is great.  BB has a medium/deep rich purple base with just a hiiint of dustiness in some lights, with a GORGEOUS bright blue flash. Enough words, here's pics.

And the iridescent glitter bomb of this collex, Make A Spectacle. This one is kind of a greener/ orange-er version of China Glaze Snow Globe. I did one coat of MAS and three coats of Icing's Eenie Greeny Mine-y Mo (no idea how to spell that name, lol.). I know this doesn't really show off MAS to it's full potential, but I wanted dragon scale nails!

Yum, glitter :)

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  1. They are so pretty, but it sucks that they stole artwork for their advertising. http://abigaillarson.tumblr.com/post/33294685968 I'm miffed, I was planning to buy that emerald green pretty-pretty.