Saturday, October 1, 2011

Franken fun!

Ahhhh! I love Spectraflair! It makes everything better. Okay. Now that that's out, I would just like to say that I'm very inspired by Dr. Frankenpolish. I wish she still posted! She always showed all these different pigments she bought and how they mixed with polish. One in particular that I fell in love with was TKB's Travel to Mars pigment, it looked so neat in her post here at her site. She mixed it with black. I decided to do more of a topcoat with it. The end result reminds me kind of Essie Kisses and Bisses, at least in the bottle. However, then I threw in some Spectraflair (because I can), and made it holo goodness. Here's some pics!

This franken is part TKB Glamour Base, part Wet n Wild Fastdry clear (regret this, bad brush!), part Travel to Mars pigment from TKB, and part Spectraflair. This is 3 coats over black.