Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chanel Holiday 2011 - Rouge Carat

I present to you from the Chanel Les Scintillances Holiday 2011 collection, Rouge Carat. It's a pretty cool toned red with a pinkish shimmer. It caught my eye as I was walking through our cosmetics department and I had to grab it and admire it in the light. Of course I snatched it and took it to my counter and did a quick at-work-mani. The nice thing about the formula is that it's pretty opaque, I probably could have gotten away with one coat, but of course I did two. The bad thing about the formula, it kept bubbling! This has happened with all of the Chanels I've tried so far. Another nice thing about this collection is that they had a matching lipgloss to match Rouge Carat, and I'm always entertained by matchy matchy things. So here's the pics:

And a bonus shot of Barielle Gelt Me to the Party. I LOVE this color. Perfect for fall.

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